Hi! I’m Boyan Chen
I’m an interaction and UI/UX designer
I graduated from Parsons School of Design’s Design and Technology program. 
I have a background of interaction design and computer science.
Previously designed game interface for Tencent and web page for cBrain.
Game Design Project


A first-person POV puzzle game which utilizes the first-person POV’s inherent ambiguity of self-identity to create challenging and playful puzzles in the 3d space.

Interaction Design Project

The Xer Hub

A project of transforming a barren site into an urban experience, connecting the community to local culture through interactivity.

UI/UX Project

MU Mega

A mobile application for Miami University students
to find their best-fit student organizations

UI/UX Project


A voice interaction embedded web broswer
to optimize users’ browsing experience to be 
faster, smarter and smoother

UI/UX Project

MU Explore

A mobile AR navigation app specialized on Miami University campus
to encourage the freshmen explore the buildings and the resource on campus